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Yes, it was planned. Meticulously. Carefully. Wisely.

(Exactly how the ingredients of our products are, Wise)

Today, the World Food Day, is when we planned to publish our first Blog post! It will be a slightly longish one. So bear with us. 

(Or if you just want to be a part of our mission unconditionally, just go, buy our products!)

So lets talk about food and food safety today. Leading world bodies like FAO and WFP put the number of 'hungry' in 2030 to be between 600-800 million (>2 times the current population of USA). By 2050, there might be a global scarcity of food (or it would be too overpriced leading to an artificial scarcity)!

And not everything has to do with climate change...

Or for that matter, inequitable distribution of wealth. Some of it has to do with choices we make for our food. On our plate. We will talk of two such choices we have made (and just over the past 50 years)!

1) Over-reliance: >50% of carbohydrates on the global plate comes from just 3 crops - Rice, Maize and Wheat. And it all started with the Green Revolution! Essentially, we force-grow these three staples leaving all other crops behind. And slowly, those other crops have become 'weeds' which are used as cattle-fodder or bird-feed. 

2) Non-Endemic: If the crop is not endemic to a region, it is made so, using genetically modified seeds. Since these seeds haven't grown in the regions, they have not 'learnt' to sustain the weather and soil patterns. So we over-use fertilizers. Since these imported varieties can't fight the pests who are local to the region, we over-use pesticides. None of the two, we know, are sustainable in the long run.

So what can we do?

Make a Wise Choice!

1) Choose local: No matter where you stay, there will always be food that is endemic to the region. That the 'locals' eat. Find out about the local grains. Include them in your diet. Not just that, eating local will also ensure you eat 'fresher' food, unadulterated by unnecessary preservatives and chemicals! While it usually is, it may not be 'feel tasty' at first. But then, it will grow on you! Or in the worst case, just spice it up to match your taste! 

2) DiversifyEvaluate the food that you eat every day for just a week. See, if you got a balanced diet in every meal. Did it fulfill your macro (Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Water) and micro (Vitamins & Minerals) requirements? If not, did you add grains that would help you fulfill? In most cases, you will realize that rice, maize and wheat are unable to do so. You need to add a variety of pulses and millets.

There you have it. Let this be the day when you start to #BeWise! 

P.S: The CEO kept telling us to include our products in this post, but we chose to be 'wise'r and give you the complete picture without limiting it to our products. But hey, those are really made with philosophy and it reflects in the ingredients. So, do go buy!

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