Not only are our recipes completely DIYable (no salt or sugar), our packaging is too. Just cut open any of our packaging along the dotted lines (look for the 'scissors' along the side of the pack) and transform the 'waste' box into works of art and hours of fun.

1. Hi, I'm Blob...

Blob is more than just our mascot. He is whatever you want him to be. SuperBlob. IronBlob. SpiderBlob. JungleBlob. WonderBlob. CaptainBlob. AviatorBlob. Just click on any of the below images to download your own Blob. Let your and kids' imagination run wild with the superpowers that Blob can have. Paint.

Caution: Fun activity. Do it only if you are game for some fun with Blob.

When you are done, do share it back on with us on our Instagram page @TheWiseFoodCo