What is so 'Wise'?

That is it. That is our mission. 

Diverse Grains
Millets. Pulses. Cereals. Pseudograins. Diversity of foodgrains not only ensure a healthy gut micro-biome, it also completes the nutrition profile of the food on your plate. And what is also as important, it reduces our reliance on few cereals (Read: 3, namely rice, wheat and corn) and hence helps global food security.
Nutrient-dense Ingredients
Nuts, spices and herbs. These not only improve the taste, but also improve the nutrient profile of food. After all, these are amongst the most densely packed nutrition source of micro-nutrients and healthy fats.
Thoughtful Processing
Processing can impact not just the edibility and taste of food but also nutrition. So when we realized that vegetarian diet is deficient in Vit-B12, we sprouted our grains even though it was additional complexity (and cost)!
Upcyclable Packaging
While we couldn't do away with plastic packaging because it impacted quality, we ensured they are recyclable. Beyond recycling, our cartons are actually UpCyclable. Just cut along the dotted lines along the side of pack and enjoy a fun DIY inside.
And Secret Ingredients
Wait, what! Secret Ingredients? Just kidding. We have nothing to hide. No Preservatives. No Colours. No Artificial Flavouring substances. No Refined Sugar. In fact, in the health drinks, we didn't even add milk solids or maltodextrin which is a common industry practice!